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Elizabeth D

I wake up every morning excited to see the days lesson. The techniques you are sharing are wonderful! I am so excited to try them out and feel I can take my art work to another level with all that you are sharing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carin S

Thank you, Este Macleod, for such an inspirational and well-designed course. As a retired educator, I recognize the importance of and the amount of time that goes into planning and building skills. 

Carolyn L

Third year taking an Este course. They are magical. Este is a great instructor. You can have virtually any skill level and find joy in what you create. Art is a journey and Este is one of the great finds in my art exploration.

Online Art & Creativity Courses

Making art is what makes me feel alive

I started teaching online courses in 2015. Exploring different creative processes, art materials and working with colour is something I relish and I'm always on the lookout to see what mediums and techniques I can share.

Some of my more intense courses have taken years to develop: I take pride in the content and offering value to my students is a priority.

Sharing knowledge

Everything I teach is based on the knowledge I've attained over three decades as a professional artist and designer. I use this experience to inspire others to fully understand techniques, learn new skills, deepen colour sense and develop their own unique artistic voices.

Teaching is something I'm passionate about

I come from a family of academics who recognised my artistic obsession when I was a young child. This feeling hasn't changed, being an artist is my life's work, it is part of my DNA. 

My first studies were in Textile Design, followed by Fine Art Printmaking, a BA (Hons) in Ceramics and Glass and an MA in Contemporary Jewellery Design. I am also an accredited Golden Artist Educator.