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This course, Sunset Trees, and the associated videos show Esté MacLeod's trademark Creative Leap method of teaching, where handwriting is used as anchor points. This course is intended for personal development only.

  • I agree not to teach Creative Leap processes demonstrated in my own courses, workshops or demos whether online, in print or in-person.
  • I agree not to share the processes used online or on social media.

You are welcome to share project outcomes, please tag #estemacleod and #sunsettrees23 

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Sunset Trees

Sunset Trees is an hour long masterclass originally created as a follow on painting project to Four Seasons. You're welcome to do both, or you can do Sunset Trees as a standalone course.

Come paint with me a grouping of trees on a layered watercolour background in muted colours.

This masterclass includes two video lessons: a short tutorial on mixing neutral colours and a second in-depth artwork project of a grouping of trees in a sunset landscape.

What You'll Get

  • Access to Sunset Trees for twelve months from date of registration.
  • One short video lesson (around 10 minutes) focussed on mixing neutral colours.
  • A second video lesson (around 60 minutes) where we'll create a layered watercolour artwork in muted colours.


Here's a list of recommended materials you'll use in this workshop. I've added in my personal preferences and affiliate links through to Jackson's who ship internationally. I use seven colours found in the QoR watercolours' basic set of 12 professional colours in the projects. These colours can be bought individually as well, or adapt to use an alternative professional quality paint. 

The materials on the list are the same ones that I use daily in my professional art practice. Click on the highlighted links to see the products I'm using in this masterclass.


  • Sheets of paper or a sketchbook, A4 (similar to Legal) or larger suitable for drawings with pen and pencil, extra paper sheets for cutting stencils.

  • One or two sheets of watercolour paper: I use Hahnemühle Cold Pressed paper blocks 30x40cm in the course videos. Arches Aquarelle  paper is a good alternative.

 Paints, Brushes etc

  • Black Fineliner pen and graphite pencils.

  • Watercolour paints. I use seven colours from the  Golden QoR Watercolour set of 12  tubes in the in the workshop. Colours used" Hansa Yellow, Pyrrole red, Ultramarine blue, Nickel Azo Yellow, Magenta and Phthalo blue plus Paynes Grey. Daniel Smith is a good alternative option. 

  • A tube of opaque (titanium) white traditional designer Gouache (not acrylic gouache or mixing white). I use Schmincke in this class
  • Aquarelle pencil, black, brown or Paynes grey. I use Inktense from Derwent in my demo

  • Dip pen. You can get the holder and the nib separately.
  • Pointed paintbrush, Size 8 or 10. I use Silver Brush Silver 88 Ultraround brushes but if you can't source them locally, Rosemary & Co are a good alternative (select Size 10).

  • Flat or angled paintbrush, Size 1/2" to 3/4". Again, I use Silver Brush but Rosemary & Co are a good alternative (select 3/4").

  • Optional: Disposable paper palette or flat plastic disks (similar to the ends of a postal tube) for mixing paint.

  • Masking tape suitable for use on paper, I use Kleen edge 
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Small dish sponge