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This course, Creative Circle, and the associated videos show Esté MacLeod's trademark Creative Leap method of teaching, where handwriting is used as anchor points. This course is intended for personal development only.

  • I agree not to teach Creative Leap processes demonstrated in my own courses, workshops or demos whether online, in print or in-person.
  • I agree not to share the processes used online or on social media.

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Creative Circle

Whilst out on a circular hike around the Chiltern Hills earlier in November, surrounded by trees and late Autumn colours, I had an idea for a project with a festive twist that can be adapted and used at any time of the year.

Let me tell you about Creative Circle, the I put together originally with festivities, togetherness and family in mind.

Over five lessons you will explore different ways to create elaborate circular artworks that can be used as decorative paper wreaths, a life affirming symbol or as a standalone artwork.

They will incorporate your unique shapes, drawing style and painted marks using my signature Creative Leap process.

What You'll Get

  • Full access to the Creative Circle mini-course for one year from registration.
  • Five projects including video instructions.
  • Access to Esté's Creative Prompts community on Facebook.
  • Suitable for all ages and artistic abilities.


Here's a list of recommended materials you'll use during this mini-course. I've added in my personal preferences and affiliate links through to Jackson's who ship internationally.

  • Sheets of paper suitable for basic drawings with pen and pencil.

  • Watercolour paper book or sheets or other card stock like Bristol paper around 300g (140g) paper weight suitable for water-based mixed media. The artworks done are roughly the size of a dinner plate.

  • Black Fineliner pen or pencils

  • Watercolour paints. I use Golden QoR Watercolour set of 12 and QoR High Chroma watercolours in the in the course but you can use any alternative watercolour set including hobby paint, acrylic ink or gouache.

  • Coloured pencils, markers, crayons or any other drawing materials.

  • Optional: Disposable paper palette or flat plastic disks (similar to the ends of a postal tube) for mixing paint.

  • Dip pen. You can get the holder and the nib separately.

  • Pointed paintbrush, Size 8 or 10. I use Silver Brush brushes but if you can't source them locally, Rosemary & Co are a good alternative (select Size 10).

  • Flat or angled paintbrush, Size 1/2" to 3/4". Again, I use Silver Brush but Rosemary & Co are a good alternative (select 3/4").

  • Glue stick.

  • Pen craft knife and scissors. I use Slice ceramic tools and Fiskars scissors for detailed cutting (use code ESTE10 for a 10% discount on all Slice tools).

  • I use Hanemuhle paper in the course videos, Arches Aquarelle Cold Pressed watercolour paper is an alternative, but as mentioned you can adapt to what you have.

  • Optional: Adding some bling and drama with gold metallic acrylic and black acrylic ink. I use Golden Fluid for the metallic and High Flow black paint in a Bonus project.