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I have read the list of required materials.

This course and the associated videos show Esté MacLeod's trademark Creative Leap method of teaching, where handwriting is used as anchor points. This course is intended for personal development only.

  • I agree not to teach Colour Collage I processes demonstrated in my own courses, workshops or demos whether online, in print or in-person.
  • I agree not to share the processes used online or on social media.

You are welcome to share project outcomes, please tag #estemacleod

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Colour Collage I

Have you ever wanted to master the art of painted paper collage? If so, then this course is exactly what you need.

If you’d like to learn about collage techniques, develop your sense of colour and create in a more expressive and uninhibited way then join me on Colour Collage I.

This exciting and dynamic course is now being offered as a self-paced course where you can take your time to work through the three main modules.

I'll share my knowledge of materials, techniques and colour and you'll learn how to create exquisite, layered collages yourself.

What You'll Get

  • Access to a packed, self-paced course originally offered over three weeks.
  • Modules that build upon your knowledge and skills, each culminating in a larger collage project.
  • Over six and a half hours of video tuition, including subtitles.
  • The confidence to create wonderful layered collages.
  • One year of access from date of registration.

This is a fast-paced course that requires specific materials to ensure quality results that you can be proud of. Please make sure that you know what's required to follow the lessons successfully by going through the list below.

Previous Colour Collage I student work

Basic Material List

Here's a list of the materials that will be used throughout the course. ​These are exactly the same as those used in the online videos and in my daily art practice. If you use them, I’m positive all of the techniques demonstrated will work.

Quality paint and paper makes a difference to outcomes!

See affiliate links to Jacksons’ Art Supplies: they ship speedily worldwide, and have 10% discount for first time orders when you sign up to their newsletter.

  • Please don’t buy Fluid acrylic, it needs to be High Flow paint that behaves like ink. The opaque set of ten colours is central to this course. Please don’t get the transparent set either.

  • Other suppliers: Ken Bromley ship abroad or another option from the UK. Also available here or on Amazon if you can’t find it elsewhere.

  • In case of emergency, alternatives to High Flow: acrylic inks such as FW or Liquitex are possible but won’t give you the same intense pigment, colour variation or value as High Flow.

  • Please note, regular acrylic paint is not suitable for this course.

  • Golden Matte painting medium (473ml) is the recommended size but it does come in smaller containers

    • Please don’t buy Gel or Gloss or Fluid Matte or the OPEN medium option!

  • Deli paper, one box. Senior size, around 10”x10”. Logan, a US brand, is ideal (also available on Amazon). If you have problems getting hold of this paper contact Esté.

  • Sketchbook: Cartridge or watercolour paper size large, paper should be suitable for water-based medium. Moleskine or Hahnemuhle A4 watercolour landscape layout will be used in the course demos

    • Esté’s recommended brand and large size block Arches Aquarelle watercolour block 14”x20" Cold Pressed (green cover)

    • OR Quality 300gsm (140lb) Cold Pressed medium textured large watercolour paper sheets x 12 similar to Arches Aquarelle

  • Regular paper sketchbook for drawing and testing ideas.

  • Paintbrushes: Soft nylon brushes suitable for acrylic. Rosemary and Co offer good quality brushes that are value for money.

  • Old toothbrush or stencil brush.

  • Carbon black copy paper black 10 sheets Esté mostly use Pelikan Carbon paper in her demos.

    • Don’t buy grey graphite or transfer paper. Look for carbon paper online (e.g. Amazon). Contact Esté if unsure.

  • Black pigment ink Fineliners (markers)

  • Masking tape

  • Removable masking fluid (not permanent or wax based)

  • Pen sized craft knife

  • Dip pen with own choice of nibs. I recommend Speedball's Mapping set for drawing

  • Derwent Inktense Pencil Ink black (a single pencil, not a set)

  • Regular latex balloon

  • Cardboard inner tubes of loo rolls or kitchen paper towels.

  • Optional a small rotary cutter (18mm or 28mm) and surface suitable for cutting, like a cutting matt or cardboard.


International shipping is offered by Jacksons’ Art and Ken Bromley both are based in the UK. If you are in Europe, Asia or Australasia it might be an economical way to buy materials. In the United States the best supplier is Dick Blick. Please get in touch if you are stuck with regards to supplies. Golden Artist Colours has a store locator here.

The list of materials is extensive but they will be used in all projects and enough left for a follow up courses and further experimentation.

Quality paint and paper makes a difference to outcomes!

What People Are Saying:

I just want to thank you, Esté, for sharing your knowledge and inspiring me to try some new things

Judy V

I made my best work ever in this course. Thank you, Esté

Nancy C

I have loved the lessons, and so enjoyed your teaching style!! Thanks for the inspiration during this trying time in our world!!

Deb H

Just completed my one remaining project from Esté's AMAZING Colour Collage course. I LOVED every minute of it.

Cheryl A

A wonderful course, information packed; very generous. Worth every cent, I look forward to the next one.

Karen F