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This course and the associated videos show Esté MacLeod's trademark Creative Leap method of teaching, where handwriting is used as anchor points. This course is intended for personal development only.

  • I agree not use the processes demonstrated in courses or workshops whether online or in-person.
  • I agree not to share the processes used online or on social media.

You are welcome to share project outcomes, please tag #estemacleod

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Expand your creativity and develop a stronger sense of colour, pattern and form with this alternative drawing and painting course; based on the subject of trees.

It consists of fifteen projects designed to kickstart ideas and to promote original and imaginative thinking. Each project will incorporate my Creative Leap method of teaching where handwriting, numbers and symbols are used as anchor points for explorative drawings and expressive sketchbook projects.

During Arboretum, I’ll demonstrate ways to create stylised and imaginary forms by developing doodles, drawings and designs into more complex tree-focussed creations. There’s an emphasis on paint techniques and colour combinations. Arboretum is an ideal way to explore watercolour and mixed media and to expand knowledge useful for all art practices.

What You'll Get

  • Three week-long modules each with four projects.
  • A concluding assignment for each module.
  • Over four hours of edited video tuition.

Take a look here for more information.

Material List

I include a fairly extensive list of materials that will be used during my courses. These are all high quality and are the same as I use in my daily practice as a professional artist and designer.

  • Basic sketchbook for drawing exploration. I like Pink Pig sketchbooks. A4 size of bigger. Mixed media paper like Bristol or Cartridge paper will work

  • A watercolour sketchbook like Moleskine A4 OR Hahnemuhle OR ALTERNATIVELY a watercolour pad like Hahnemuhle watercolour pad 0R Arches watercolour block

  • Three to five COLD PRESS watercolour paper sheets around 16”x20” for the weekend assignments. Alternative to the sheets and the watercolour pad mentioned above get one COLD PRESS Arches Aquarelle (green cover) block with 20 sheets.

  • Selection of black pigment ink fineliner markers (must be not water soluble once dry), pencils and other drawing instruments of your own choice.

  • One dark green aquarelle pencil (Ionian, Iron Green or similar): Derwent Inktense or Caran D’ache’s Museum Aquarelle.

  • Pointed dip pen for drawing in ink and watercolour. I use William Mitchell or Speedball’s mapping set.

  • Acrylic ink, black, 30ml. I use Golden High Flow acrylic paint.

  • Professional Quality Watercolour set, I use the QoR Watercolour set of twelve tubes for the projects. Take note of the 12 colours in the set required if you use a different brand like Daniel Smith.

  • White gouache (not acrylic based) 15ml.

  • Five sheets of carbon copy paper (not graphite paper)

  • Removable masking fluid with applicator (not wax based).

  • Paintbrushes suitable for watercolour and acrylic paint:

    A pointed round synthetic size 8 or 10 brush can be used for most projects. I have added a list of brushes below. You do not need all of these, but these brushes are ideal for exploring a variety of textures and marks.

  • Scissors and craft knife

  • Optional painter’s travel palette or containers for mixing paint such as postal tube end caps.

  • Additional materials required, regular size balloons. wax paper sheet (sandwich paper) and potatoes (or yams or carrots) for printing.

Course Feedback

Thank you for this amazing course, I think you have excelled yourself. I will be redoing projects and trying out new things that I have learned for many moons and hopefully posting more outcomes. I am so grateful to you for your teaching and inspiration and for your all round generosity.

Angie B

Wonderful - so inspiring . Now to go practice , thank you so much, what an in-depth course.

Petra K

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful techniques in this course! Your demos and explanations as you work to teach are so very well done, clear and helpful! As a former teacher, I appreciate how your demo exercises build on each other and connect with earlier projects to enhance our learning as the course continues.

Minda L